Laugh or Die Comedy Fest

The Laugh or Die Comedy Fest - Thank you for 12 hilarious years!

The 2023 Laugh or Die Comedy Fest was a great time filled with hilarious films and comedians! Becky and I would like to take a moment to send thanks to a number of people.

First, thank you to all of the filmmakers who submitted their works for consideration of our festival. It has been a great pleasure seeing all of your films and screenplays.

Thank you to our comedians, Mike Stricker Comedy, Kayla Johnson, Bob Keen, Darron Finesilver, Joe White, Kyle Tasch and last but not least Thomas Bottoms who was also our 2023 Host!

Thank you to Star and the rest of the crew at Cinema Chatham powered by Emagine for being so great to us and making our event run smoothly! Your hospitality is so very much appreciated.

Special thanks to our crew, Dragon, Karen and Hubert. Without your help, this could not be possible. Thank you so very much!

A big thanks to everyone who made the effort to support independent film and entertainment by coming to our event. We hope that you were able to share in some great laughs with us.

And finally, I would like to personally thank Becky Langer herself for taking on such an active role in not just the Laugh or Die Comedy Fest, but all things related to Breaking Fate Entertainment. You have quickly become the perfect partner on this creative venture and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you!

Usually at this point in my thank you post I would make mention of next year's date and where to submit films. It is both sadness and also satisfaction that I announce that we will be taking the festival on a potentially permanent hiatus. It has been a true honor to bring this comedy festival to stages and screens over the last 12 years. I hope that it has offered some great laughs and fun memories for all who have been involved. I appreciate all of the individuals who made this annual festival a reality.


Willy Adkins
Festival Director
Laugh Or Die Comedy Fest
Breaking Fate Entertainment