2014 Event Schedule

Friday June 20th

04:00PM Doors Open

04:30PM Bridge and Tunnel 95m

06:15PM Intermission

06:30PM Short Film Block

  • Lucky 16m

  • Harmonizers 5m

  • Merchandise 4m

  • The Moment 3m

  • Dirty Laundry 8m

  • A Short Break 15m

  • The Funny Side of a Stroke 12m

  • Family Meeting 7m

07:30PM Intermission 15m

07:45PM Stand Up Comedy Block

  • Andrea Cordts 15m

  • Keith Evans 15m

  • Peter-john Byrnes 15m

08:30PM Intermission 15m

08:45PM Missed Connections 70m

09:55PM End of Day 1 Films

10:00PM Close Festival Venue

Saturday June 21st

12:00PM Doors Open

12:30PM Park City 86m

02:00PM Intermission 15m

02:15PM Not Another B Movie 87m

03:45PM Intermission 15m

04:00PM Stand Up Comedy Block

  • Melissa Richelle 15m

  • HD Reeves 20m

  • Marquise Moore 20m

05:00PM Intermission 15m

05:15 PM Short Film Block

  • Separate Checks 33m

  • Bacon 30m

  • Green Lobstermen From Planet Z 20m

  • The Losing Game 12m

07:00PM Intermission 15m

07:15 PM Stand Up Comedy Block

  • Mike All 15m

  • Suzzanne Monk 15m

  • Marcos 15m

08:00PM Intermission 15m

08:15PM Confessions of a Womanizer 90m

09:45PM End of Day 2 Films

10:00PM Close Venue

10:30PM Late Night Laughs After Hours Event @ NiteCap

Sunday June 22nd

12:00PM Doors Open

12:30PM Trunk’d 72m

02:00PM Intermission

02:15PM SHORT FILM BLOCK 45m total

  • Japan 10m

  • Who Cancelled Leon Crape 36m

03:00PM Intermission 15m

03:15PM Heterosexual Jill 80m

04:45PM Intermission 15m

05:00PM Stand Up Comedy Block 45m total

  • Nick Martin 15m

  • Miles Zack 15m

  • Jay Harris 15m

05:45PM Intermission 15m

06:00PM Paranormal Calamity 82m

07:30PM Awards Ceremony 30m

08:00PM Close of Festival