“Now, That’s Cute” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!


Sometimes some things are just so cute, they must be destroyed! It's a bad day at the office when Nancy, an otherwise genteel office- worker, goes on a rampage destroying all things cute in this new physical funny by Daily Fiber Films.

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“Teenage Wine Snobs” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!

teenage wine snobs

A group of unlikely 16 year old wine aficionados discuss and feud over their favorite varietals much to the perplexity of their uncultured friend. 

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“Dry Spell’ – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!

Dry Spell

Dry Spell is a feature length romantic comedy about a woman who is going through a divorce and preparing to enter the dating world. One night she discovers that her ability to become aroused has left her. In short, she’s dried up. Believing that this is caused by guilt about moving on before her ex-husband has, she embarks on a quest to get him laid.

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“Michael Morlock’s Supernatural World” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!


Michael Morlock knew from the time he was a young boy that he was different. While other children were out playing silly kid’s games, Michael was busy exploring the deep, dark secrets of his Uncle’s closet. The things he found there had a profound effect on Michael’s developing mind and steered him forever onto a road of strange events and unnatural occurrences.

Join Michael as he investigates all manner of supernatural phenomena, from Corporate Vampires, to Ghost Chickens and everything in between. If you are willing to watch with an open mind, you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about the dark corners of our world. Michael Morlock, American Hero, or deeply troubled individual. You decide.


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“Ed & The Awakening” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!


After discovering the awful truth, Nick takes it upon himself to end the reptilian invasion only to be thwarted by the secret organization conspiring against him.  Unbeknownst to Nick, his act of bravery begins to inspire a coalition whose mission is to take down the humanoid lizards and their evil plans to dominate the world.  As the eyes of the world begin to open, will this rag tag group of chosen rebels save the human species from those bent on destruction?  Find out by watching Ed & the Awakening.

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“The Haunted Trailer” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!


Two goofy hick brothers, their crazy redneck Momma and sexy sister must exorcise their mobile home of an ancient demon set free to fulfill the 2012 prophecy, with the help of a low rent TV evangelist named Reverend Wiggems, or the world will end. 

A Raunchy redneck comedy/horror.

One family One trailer A thousand fart jokes.

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“Guys Book Club” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!

guys book club

A group of disenchanted married men attempt to recapture their manhood by using a Book Club as an excuse to get away from their wives. Bringing together a variety of misfit Chicagoans, ranging from the on-line college student to the veteran retiree, the Guys Book Club takes on an aggressive, often confrontational life of its own. With the rent past due, the group will go to extreme lengths like robbing a bank, in order to insure their safe haven condo is not lost. Warped views and precarious judgments often lead to a myriad of uncomfortable situations, but in the end the Guys Book Club is greater than the sum of its self-destructive parts.

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“Best of Both Worlds” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!

Best of Both Worlds Poster

Charlie wants to find a normal woman. When he goes to the bar that night, he meets Michelle. She's perfect. She's wonderful. She's everything, except in the morning she turns into a guy named Michael. This story is about Charlie's struggle to accept the best of both worlds if you can have a beautiful, sexy woman during the night and have your best friend to play video games and softball with during the day.

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“Retrocognition” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!


'Retrocognition' is simultaneously a filmic archeology and a social critique. The film re-contextualizes found assets and animated techniques into a decaying narrative that critiques the meme of the “nuclear family” found in sitcoms. By exploiting the lingering residue of found assets and spectator expectations of animations, cartoons, and sitcoms, 'Retrocognition' discovers unconscious intent and cultural bias in its treatment of the nuclear family. Whether the pop-culture myth of the family is found in 'Ozzie and Harriot' in the 1950s or a soccer mom in the 1990s, the traditional family is still put forth in US society as an ultimate goal.  The soundtrack for the film was composed first by collaging together bits of performances from early radio dramas. The soundbites were juxtaposed to reveal unexpected dialogue that borders on the schizophrenic. Because of these collisions, the timbre and emotion of the voices are fluid—jumping between elation, fear, rage, passion, detachment and melancholia.  Visually, 'Retrocognition' is animated in a mixed media style, with the main characters constructed from animated photographs of real humans, and the sets and props constructed from a collage of photographs and mixed media. The photographs are cut up and collaged in a way that mirrors the cut up and found nature of the audio track. This approach leads to an unsettling experience of watching something that has the aesthetic of vintage media sitcoms, yet appears and sounds like it has been hacked to pieces and put back together to reveal a dark alternative to the initial intent.

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“Goose” **WORLD PREMIER** – Laugh or Die Official Selection!


Josh finds out that his potential boss, Phillip Krause, was the nerdy kid he used to excessively pick on throughout school. When Josh and Phillip meet face-to-face, Phillip still seems to hold a grudge and reminds Josh of a bad experience he caused him in a game of Duck Duck Goose. In order for Josh to prove he wants this job, Phillip, and the rest of his board members of KrauseSoft, Inc. challenge Josh in a game of Duck Duck Goose.

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