Michael Schmid To Host 2012 Laugh or Die Comedy Festival!!

Born in Chicago, raised in Indianapolis, Michael Schmid has been involved in theatre for nearly two decades.  Upon obtaining a Bachelors degree in Theatre & Drama from Indiana University in 1999, he moved to Austin, TX to gain experience working in their ever-thriving independent film community.  It was there where, along with his co-founder Chad Foor, 4Lizard Productions was born.  After work in over fifteen films, both acting and crew, Michael ventured back to Chicago in hopes to pursue more theatre work and test the waters of the Chicago Indy film market.  Michael currently works a day job as a sales rep for Whirlpool Corporation, and loves it, but hopes to be able to leave that behind soon when 4Lizard Productions begins to run wild all over the windy city!

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SSE Moving All Film Festivals To Chicago in 2013

Spook Show Entertainment Inc. announced today that they will be moving all of their film festival events to the Portage Theater (home to SSE's Chicago Horror Film Festival event for more then half a decade) by the end of 2013.  This transition begins with The 2012 Indy Horror Film Festival being moved to the historic venue this season.  The Indy event has been hosted by Dekalb Illinois' Egyptian Theatre since being brought back from an expired festival 2 years ago.  Willy Adkins (festival director / president of SSE) states, "I have always loved the Egyptian Theatre, and the move to Chicago wasn't an easy decision to make", he continues "It came down to resources, customer demand and our need to grow."  Adkins stated that "Spook Show Entertainment will continue to host many events in Dekalb, including haunted tours at the Egyptian Theatre and monthly movie and mixed media events at the House Cafe.  This move is taking place simply because we have to go where the event type is in demand"  SSE's home office is located in Dekalb and Adkins stated that the company has no intentions of moving its offices out of Dekalb anytime soon.

The Afterlife Paranormal Conference & Film Festival will also be premiering in Chicago in October 2012.  Other SSE festivals to make the move to Chicago in 2013 include, The Prairie State Film Festival and The Laugh or Die Comedy Festival, both of which are scheduled at the House Cafe in 2012 for one more year in Dekalb.

Adkins closed by saying, "Jason Sullivan (SSE Vice President) and I both have high expectations with this new decision and look forward to many years of events at the Portage Theater".

You can meet Willy Adkins & Jason Sullivan as they sponsor a meal for Dekalb's "Feed'em Soup Community Project" on Sunday December 18th.  That same day, they are co-hosting a charity fundraiser called "Holiday Healing" at The House Cafe of Dekalb to benefit the same organization.

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