“The Quiz” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!

The QUIZ  

As a man and woman go through the time-honored tradition of the magazine quiz, he does quite well until he is forced to answer honestly about the Zombie Apocalypse.

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“The Muchachos Frescos” – 2013 Laugh or Die Official Selection!

The Muchachos Frescos  

Twenty years ago, The Muchachos Frescos scored a number one hit in the Chicago Latino music scene. Soon after they faded away... Now they're back with a new song, new music video, and new hopes, as they tell their story in this mock-documentary that pays homage to The Beatles.

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Bipolar Brian Johnson Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

BiPolar Brian Johnson

 Bipolar Brian Johnson has been doing standup in Chicago for 3 years and 7 years all together.  He got his start at Juz Jokkin Comedy Club in Waukegan IL in 2006. In 2007, had his first career highlight when he was a finalist in the Highland Park Comedy Festival. In 2009 the first time he performed in Chicago was at the Lincoln Lodge for Comcast on Demand. In 2010 Brian finally saved up for his own car and started doing open mics in Chicago on a semi regular basis. Brian had two more contest victories later, in Summer of 2010, he got 3rd place in the Full Slab competition in Grayslake IL. In 2012 he won the Savemore Lounge Open Mic competition. His tv appearances include Comcast on Demand at the Lincoln Lodge, a guest appearance on Assisted Living, and 4 appearances on the Flabby Hoffman Show. Brian also produced a showcase in the suburbs known as Rascally Crackas. Brian has performed at Zanies Rising Star Showcase, Hollywood Lounge, Outriggers Lobsters and Laughs, Comedy Under the Tap, Bookworm Cafe in Rockford, 240 Lounge, Back Room Comedy Club in Woodstock, Comedy Comedy at Walter Payton's Roundhouse and many more.

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Myke Wilson Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

Myke Wilson 1

Since the age of 4, Myke Wilson has always known he was destined to entertain the world through stand-up comedy. In 8th grade during his “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” speech, he told the class he wanted to be a stand-up comic; the whole class laughed. He thought to himself, “Damn, am I really that good?” Little did he know they were laughing at him, not with him. Regardless, Myke will welcome any kind of laughter, even if it’s meant for him in a mean, condescending way. Myke began doing comedy at 22 years of age late last November. He has only played 2 shows at The House Café in DeKalb, IL but if it counts, he has had several dreams that he has sold out shows at Madison Square Gardens and the Chicago Theatre, both places Myke hopes to perform at someday. Myke is still a fresh new face in comedy eager to tell you about his weird observations and his eccentric family. This summer, Myke has plans to travel around the Chicago area with his comedy and is excited to be making a pit-stop to perform at the Laugh or Die Comedy Festival. His mini-tour is called MykeLogic. Want some MykeLogic everyday? Follow Myke Wilson on Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/MykeWilson

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Tyler Jackson Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson started out doing Stand Up in Louisville, KY, where he dived head-first into the scene and quickly started putting on shows and bringing in national headliners, trying to build up the independent comedy scene. He recently moved to Chicago back in October and is working  to do shows all over the place, in hopes that his stand up will get better and better!

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Eric Oren Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

Eric Oren   A native Oregonian, Eric is a comedy one-stop-shop! A 24 year old College graduate, Eric has been performing his brand of enthusiastic, high-energy humor all over the country at various Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Festivals. Stand-up is just one of Eric’s many Comedic endeavors. A Second City Conservatory graduate and repertory member of pH Productions, you can catch Eric improvising, playing one of his many characters, singing, or even promoting his Classic Rock Comedy album “Metaphysical Man” at the Chicago Comedy Mainstays such as Zanies, Second City, The pH Comedy Theater, iO Chicago and more.


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OohWee McQueen Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

Oohwee McQueen

 Comedian OohWee is from the West Suburbs of Chicago. He has been doing stand-up since 2007. Before doing comedy he worked at The Jenny Jones Show for 2 years. Since doing comedy he has worked with such comedians as Sonya D, B.Cole, Damon Williams, Damn Fool, Ray Lapowski, Talent, Shang, Honest John, Howie Bell, McGriff, Lil Duvall, Arvin Mtchell, Hope Flood, Corey Fernandez, Diane Corder, Michael Colyar, Leon Rogers, Tony Sculfied, Shawn Morgan, BaldHead, Thea Vidale, just to name a few! His credits include but aren't limited to Guestspot/Featured/Hosting/Headlining!!!! He was a contestant in the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition 2009, He also Featured for Mike Epps and Bruce Bruce at Chicago's Arie Crown Theater New Years Eve Showcase 2008! OohWee Looked up to comedians such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Bernie Mac, Paul Mooney, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence. So if you loved those comics you're going to love OohWee!!!


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Ross Blankenship Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

Ross headshot

Chicago-based and Second-City-trained, Ross Blankenship uses his curious perspective and infectious enthusiasm to create a truly unique* brand of comedy. *(Unique as in 'actually unique', not like the way most comic bios say 'unique' and then they do their 10 minutes about prostate exams.) Ross began his comedy career as a class clown in military school where he learned (a) he loved making people laugh even at horribly inappropriate times, and (b) he didn't take anything serious enough to survive in the 'real world'. Ross is on his way to becoming super famous, but if you have a time machine that's no news to you is it? In 2012 alone, Ross performed as the featured act for Bobby Collins at Valparaiso University, in the 2012 Des Plaines Comedy Festival (Des Plaines, IL) and the 2012 Black Box Comedy Festival (Atlanta, GA) sponsored by Georgia Tech. Ross currently works as a House MC at Wisecrackers Comedy Club in Merrillville, IN. When he's not writing jokes or performing, Ross spends his time plotting revenge against his enemies. And reading poetry.


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Sherman Edwards Stand Up Performance @ Laugh or Die 2013!

Sherman Edwards

Sherman Edwards has been lucky enough to perform at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago, The Chicago Sketch Festival, the Chicago Improv Festival, The Del Close Marathon in New York, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, The Cape Fear Comedy Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina and a bunch of other places which has helped him find his cool, comfortable, laid back style. He really likes cheese and hopes you do too. It's ok if you don't though

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Emily Lake Stand Up Performance Confirmed for Laugh or Die 2013!

Emily Lake

Emily Lake was a school teacher when she fell in love with using humor to connect with an audience. She started performing stand-up in Chicago, and has since performed in clubs all over the country, including The Improv, Zanies, The Laugh Factory, and The Comedy Store. She produces a weekly stand-up showcase every Saturday night at the Gallery Cabaret called “The Two Hour Comedy Hour.” She completed improv training programs at I.O and Second City, and is a member of the Firemen’s Guild improv troupe. She is also a staff writer for the late night talk show “Talk Hard” at ComedySportz in Chicago and a writer for the upcoming sketch revue called ‘The Most Important Week’ performed in Donny’s Skybox at Second City.


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