Laugh or Die Comedy Fest


Bring Home the Bacon

A couple, Deacon and Sadie, battling intimacy issues attempt to spice up their sex life. Things don’t go quite as planned, so Deacon seeks out the advice of his friend Evan. Evan has some ideas, but does he have the answers? Find out in this adult comedy from director Domenic Migliore, starring Lillian Lamour, Willy Adkins, and Brad Jones. 

Director: Domenic Migliore
Running Time: 9m

Film Block C

Franklin Loves Sophie

Franklin Loves Sophie. Sophie does not love Franklin. Now they are on their way to a double date with their best friends, Wren and Matt. What could go wrong?

Director: Tyler Holme, Tali Rabinowitz and Chase Shurtz
Running Time: 7m

Film Block B

Good waitress, bad waitress

Private dick Jack McBain just wanted a quick meal at a midnight diner...but he got a lot more than he bargained for.

Director: B.J. Wilson
Running Time: 4m

Film Block C

THe Rebellion

The Rebellion, written by lawyer/artist Ari Scharg, shines a spotlight on corrupt practices in the legal industry. It finds its roots in the real life $100 million Ponzi scheme perpetuated by celebrity lawyer, Tom Girardi, the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne. The song focuses on how Scharg’s firm, Edelson PC, exposed the fraud and how there is currently a little known battle waging in the legal industry between reformers like himself and the Old Guard who want to maintain the status quo so they can continue exploiting a broken system.

Director: Gabriel Hostetler
Running Time: 8m

Film Block C

You're Not You

When Harold panics over his Alma Mater losing the big game, Jordan and Alex try to calm him down with a Snickers, unfortunately they have ran out of said medicinal chocolate. They decide to use whatever they have on hand in hopes of calming Harold down.

Director: Samuel Tony
Running Time: 9m

Film Block A

It's All In Your Head!

Dr. Roderick Q. Bendy is a therapist/inventor/pioneer of mental health who conducts intercranial explorations on his patients using his offbeat invention and very specialized training.

Director: Danny Glenn
Running Time: 11m

Film Block C

Bidding war

A young couple's desire to buy a home puts them at a crossroads. It's a war, kill or be killed.

Director: Spencer Cohen
Running Time: 8m

Film Block B

Fight For The 46th Ward

An ambitious young woman runs a long shot campaign to unseat the incumbent Alderman in her Chicago ward.

Director: Peter Ronson
Running Time: 21m

Film Block C

No Chance

The Big Ball Lottery drawings always turn out the same for Jerry and Sherry, until tonight. Now their lives will never be the same.

Director: Taryn Grace
Running Time: 8m

Film Block A

Feed Me

Charlie and Krista are a young, urban, newly-married couple. However, their world is unravelled when Charlie reveals a sexual fetish that he's been hiding from Krista.

Director: Caitlin Ferrell
Running Time: 15m

Film Block C


Julie (Lillian Lamour) is in search of new love. After some advice from her mother (Lynn Lowry), she explores the idea of dating a trucker. Soon she meets Fisher (Jeff Phoenix), who is in search of an intimate encounter for the first time since his wife passed away. But getting close to someone new doesn't always come without complications. It sometimes requires Working Out The Kinks.

Director: Willy Adkins
Running Time: 12m

Film Block C


Introducing Scumbag, the new fragrance for men--inspired by wanderers, rebels and free-spirits everywhere.

Created by a team spanning New York's fashion and comedy communities and starring Nick Mestad (The Rehearsal, The Tonight Show), Scumbag is a parody of the "bad boy" cliche often seen in men's fashion campaigns (directly inspired by Dior's 'Sauvage' campaigns with Johnny Depp).

Director: Carianne King
Running Time: 2m

Film Block C

Wordle the Musical

Wordle the Game + the music of Dear Evan Hansen = Wordle the Musical

Director: Nicole Scimeca
Running Time: 6m

Film Block B

You And What Army

Brother filmmakers borrow money from a loan shark to shoot their first film.

Director: Jim Menza
Running Time: 90m

Film Block A

Mixed Signals

A playful story about high school, relationships, and "education"

Director: Colin Dowda
Running Time: 14m

Film Block B

Escape! from Long Island

Among the ruins of a doomed Long Island, three old friends must work out their complicated history in order to escape.

Director: John Reardon
Running Time: 80m

Film Block B

The Toy

Wanting to spice things up during lockdown, a husband buys the best reviewed sex toy on Amazon, and tries to live up to the reviews.

Director: Geordie Sabbagh
Running Time: 10m

Film Block C

Eat Me!

A man must make a choice between his desire to loose weight and face his sugar demons head on, or forget about it, and eat all his favorite sugary snacks.

Director: Ahmed Hashmi
Running Time: 6m

Film Block A

Virgins For Satan

Mac is a religious, horny girl on a mission to lose her virginity. After getting rejected by her sexy church crush, Satan offers her the chance to snag the guy of her dreams. But, when dealing with the devil, there’s always a catch…

Director: Ashlynn Judy
Running Time: 14m

Film Block C

The Dry Cleaners

A Young Family has a miscommunication at breakfast.

Director: Tom Parkin
Running Time: 1m

Film Block B

It Only Hurts WHen I Laugh

After learning one of his regulars signed him up for a stand-up gig, Isaac, a shy 20 something, realizes he’s got what it takes to kill in comedy — literally!

Director: Ahmed Sultan, Armaan Sultan
Running Time: 6m

Film Block A

Choke Hold

After their father passes away, two brothers wrestle for his last bottle of whiskey.

Director: Chris Byrne
Running Time: 3m

Film Block A

Popcorn Movie

A timid filmmaking student must muster all her strength to finish her senior film!

Director: Bret Jones
Running Time: 60m

Film Block C