Laugh or Die Comedy Fest

July 9th, 2022


595 College Ave
Dekalb, IL 60115



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Any night out in a big city has the potential to be a good night, the risk of being a bad night, and typically ends up somewhere in between—but only some nights can claim to be That Night.

The night where little choices lead to big decisions, chance encounters to second chances, Uber drivers keep themselves busy in the strangest of ways and taking the wrong pill can be really bad for the upholstery.

For Stacy, an artist with one eye on the future of design and the other stuck looking hopelessly at his ex-lover, that night is tonight. 

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Two middle-aged quirky singles are at the same restaurant waiting, fretting, getting anxious to meet the other one they connected with on OK-cupid with a 90+ compatibility rating. Twenty minutes later, they can’t stand it anymore and text to see who has the better table. After his sip of liquid courage and a slip on split beer and her last swipe of lipstick, they meet. His compliment and her lack of conversation leads them to “laying all the cards on the table.” They go back and forth with his wants, her needs, their compatibilities, leading to a kiss until he declares, “I talk to my mother every day.” Among all of the outrageous revelations of themselves this is the deal breaker. His phone rings.

Maybe Next Year

With a timeshare on the line, three couples compete to set up their single friend by midnight on New Year's Eve.



When 5 friends share what scares them the most, a visitor might be the answer.



A young woman brings her new boyfriend home to meet her not-so-tolerant parents for dinner.



In an effort to give filmmaking one last try, failed director Kipp Swanson accepts a job to document the alleged horrors of a local haunted home. He assembles a team of inept "ghost hunters", including his reluctant ex-girlfriend.



Realizing his comedy career is going nowhere, a cough syrup addicted clown quits drinking and starts a band in order to get the attention of his estranged wife.


Kevin, Emmett, and Ronnie are clowns struggling to find work in a world that is afraid of them. After running over and killing a homeless old man in their clown car, the three clowns have to find a way to dispose of the body to prevent further defamation of clowns.



While on their first mission, two rookie agents are put to the test on a mission gone wrong.



A friendsgiving goes awry when the relatives show up uninvited... What do you give up and gain for family?

Rita and Marty are planning a last “last hurrah” friendsgiving party before she gets knocked-up with a baby. Unexpectedly, her very mid-western relatives show up, his dream girl is a plus-one, a female best-friendship unravels, and a gray divorce looms large. Set against an impending “snowpocalypse” storm, the party-goers are trapped in the apartment, forced to deal with bombs of love and friendship… and what we give up and gain to start a family.



Ben struggles through his insignificance after his best friend gets him a job at a local graveyard, where he encounters pranks, mourners and the inevitability of the inevitable.



Pretty Metal is a proof of concept dramatic comedy about a rising female pop group of high school besties who reinvent themselves as a heavy metal band in order to chase fame and fortune after their star member leaves them. Pretty Metal explores the themes of redemption, family, and control. Audiences will be amazed to learn that this film was made in July 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Roy and Joy Wernecke show local TV host Mark Messina some secrets to cooking a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.



Lyle, a frustrated Mormon missionary and Sarah, a lonely housewife of a televangelist, have long been chained to the harsh trappings of strict religion and forced to suppress their innermost sexual desires. Can the firm guidance of their religious tutors keep their “sins” at bay? Should it?


I'd Rather Not

A young couple gets asked a Would You Rather question by a mysterious homeless man pertaining to a situation where, if caught in a pinch, would they rather poop in the bathroom at a party and clog the toilet or go poop outside in the bushes. Unknowingly, he has cursed them to live out their respective answers at a party later that night.



Mark thinks he throws the best parties and he's invited his friends to prove it. A fancy mansion. A murder mystery. And his best bud by his side. The only thing that could go wrong is the guest list.



For the last 150 thousands years, mankind has longed for a time when all of human knowledge and wisdom could be at his fingertips. And with the internet and mobile devices, that time has finally come.
However, there have been some unexpected consequences.



With its interactive user interface and pre-loaded content, buk is the new (and best) alternative to traditional e-readers.


2022 Screenplay Contest Finalists

Learn about our 2022 Laugh or Die Screenplay Finalists below soon and see who wins best screenplay at the festival!

Kurt and Luna vs Sexual Inadequacy

by Jacques Spaul

A couple's struggle for sexual satisfaction leads them to try a plethora of kinks

Operation Weed Wacker

by Wendy Eiben

Judy Daniels wants to return the South Watertown Garden Club to the glory days of yesteryear. But she'll need to win an election to do it. It's satire, people. Satire


by Michael Seabolt & Greg Schroeder

THAN (20’s) is having trouble sleeping. Every night, while he’s getting ready to go to sleep, a GHOST lies down in bed with him. It scares him, but he also misses the Ghost when it leaves, for its appearance and smell remind him of his dead girlfriend Dolores.

Ethan’s THERAPIST (50’s) is concerned when Ethan tells her this. She asks Ethan if he could describe Dolores to her in more detail, since he’s been tight-lipped about talking about her in any detail. Ethan gets suspicious, wondering if his mother had asked for the Therapist to extract details about Dolores from him. The Therapist insists that, despite the fact that Ethan’s mother recommended her to him, she does not share details about their sessions. Ethan is frustrated, but he understands his mother’s concern – Dolores committed suicide a few weeks back, and his resulting feelings of guilt and grief are taking a toll on him. The Therapist asks Ethan if he has tried writing his feelings down, to get his feelings and regrets out of his head and onto paper. Ethan agrees it’s worth a shot.

That night, Ethan writes a short note on a piece of paper, still unable to go into much detail. We see that Ethan is experiencing a disconnect between his perception vs. actual events, revealing that he is losing his grip on reality and putting the validity of his interactions with the therapist into question. Ethan gets upset after being unable to properly communicate with his mother on the phone, and he encounters a DEMONIC FORCE in the bathroom. It attacks him, and he resists at first. But ultimately, it resembles Dolores’s ghost, appears to be caring, and Ethan gives in. His wrists are slashed in the bathtub, and he dies, having committed suicide in the same manner as Dolores. The Therapist arrives at Ethan’s house, concerned that he has missed multiple appointments. She finds Ethan’s body. As the Therapist calls 911, we see Ethan’s letter to Dolores on the bathroom floor, in a pool of dried blood, its text resembling a suicide note.

Really Something Special

by Peter Hardy

Having just made love for the first time, a woman finds out something surprising about the man she's with.


by Stanley Eisenhammer

Boy and girl share an outlet at an airport while waiting for their delayed flights.

2022 Screenplay Contest SEMI-Finalists

Learn about our 2022 Laugh or Die Screenplay Semi-Finalists below soon!

It's a Memeingful Life

by Patrick B Hopkins

A day in the life of meme artist Frankl Jelklerdorf.

Blackboard Billions

by Jamila Jackson

A woman who rocketed to the top in the 80s cutthroat world of chalkboard sales recounts her success, but an archnemesis from the past might erase her accomplishments.

Checked Out

by Andrew Ortiz

A diverse staff from a seemingly top notch Hotel in Philly do their best to keep things running smoothly under absurd circumstances.

Principal Invincible

by John Wrigley

Socially inept and terminally naïve Vincent Stubbs becomes principal of his former high school, and hires his cynical loner best friend Eileen as his vice principal, in a last ditch attempt to fix his adolescent past. But they find out that whether they're students or principals, high school still eats them alive.

The Chickenator

by Max Lehman

A Sci-Fi Parody where time travel action flick meets a stoner and their love of fast food.