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The Midterm, Incident – 2012 Official Selection

The curse of the misplaced comma! Jeremy must thwart both his professor and his beautiful nemesis Jessica to swap out his midterm in this hilarious spoof of action thrillers. Will Jeremy be successful? Probably. Will he and Jessica find love amongst the dangers in the professor's office? Kinda seems likely. Will you laugh out loud? Yes, you will.

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Kissing School for Losers – 2012 Official Selection!

Two half-Middle-Eastern stoner brothers (Trey and Tipu) leading a directionless life spend all their time eating and smoking following their father's death, despite their single mother's pleas to get jobs and be productive. When they overhear their mom's conversation on the phone with a mean foreclosure man, they realize if they don't step up and help their mom, they're going to lose their house. After several failed brainstorms, they come up with a fool-proof plan to make money: the very first 'Kissing School for Losers'. Of course, their mother rejects their dismal attempt at heroism, telling them not to worry and that she'll get them out of it. She leaves for the weekend for a job interview, leaving the boys by themselves. Proceeding with the school against their mother's wishes, they enlist the help of their hot friend, Diana, who reluctantly agrees to help the boys out after seeing dollar signs. The brothers make a viral infomercial for the KSFL and spread it online. Using Tipu's weed hideout (a security-less warehouse), the school is an instant success, with Diana and her resistant friends at the helm. After a horrifying first day, the girls quit before being rehired by the desperate brothers (at a price). The second day goes considerably better, and one of the girls even finds love with one of the losers. The losers graduate with flying colors and the brothers surprise their mother with enough money to keep the house and start a lucrative business like their father.

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Santa’s Sack – 2012 Official Selection!

Santa's trip to the hospital reveals the truth behind two of the north poles' best kept secrets.

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Sister Mary – 2012 Official Selection!

Homophobic detective Mark Rima (James Vallo) must "partner" up with the very gay and flamboyant Detective Chris Riant (Shawn Quinlan) to stop a serial killing Nun (Judy Tenuta) from offing 5 band members otherwise known as "The Ex Choir Boys."  But when it is determined that the Detectives can't solve the case on their own, expert F.B.I. profiler Agent Peccant (comedian ANT) is assigned to the case.  As the details of the case slowly emerge the police determine that the "nun" may only be a silent witness to the grisly murders.  The task force then turns its attention on the Catholic Church and a suspect group of Priests that have had a propensity for "cleansing the souls" of innocent choir boys.

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Extremely Used Cars: There Is No Hope – 2012 Official Selection

Chip Douglas is a washed-out alcoholic car salesman at a used car lot. With the endless availability of information over the Internet, customers can now get any information about any car they want. They can find out if it's ever been in a wreck, theft recovery or water damage by means of "CARFAX." In addition, they can also find out a vehicle's true value by factory invoice or Kelly Blue Book, making it almost impossible to make any profit. Now, those still in the business are either trying to come up with scams to make money at it, or to get out of it entirely. While Chip is at an off-track racing bar, he happens across a drink called a Molotov Cocktail. That's when he gets the great idea of burning a bunch of cars forcing people to replace them. Chip then solicits his co-worker buddy John Harris to carry out his desperate plan. Everything works out great, or so they believe. Since all the cars that were destroyed were from their previous customers, they obviously become the prime suspects for the crime. During this time, the other salespeople are coming up with their own ways to get out of the business. Ramone Cordova is a Mexican immigrant that moved to this country so doctors could do studies on his right-hand index finger. For some unknown reason this finger continued to grow after he was fully developed and, by this point, the digit grown to nine inches long. Since he wasn't making much of a living at selling cars, he decided to keep selling them until he could become a porn star. Ramone writes his own porn screenplay that only he could star in, contributing slapstick elements to the story. The "in-your-face" humor is brought by the antagonist, Justin Rhoads, who is a chemically-imbalanced schizophrenic and delusional. Throughout the film, he daydreams about killing his customers and co-workers. He, in a hilarious way, will offend just about every type of person he encounters, delighting the audience when he is framed for arson and insurance fraud.

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Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – 2012 Official Selection

Bert Sheering is a sensitive professor and author of feminist literature who deep down churns with sexual frustration.

Arnie Hubert is a loud, obnoxious, womanizing businessman who's completely oblivious to how inappropriate he is in almost every situation -- even when he falls madly in love with his new female boss, Sabrina.

Bert and Arnie eventually come to realize that they are actually two sides of the same emotionally inept coin.

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