Hd Reeves

HD Reeves has featured for Shawty (MTV’s Wild N Out) / Spike Davis / Afroman /Matt Collins & more.
HD has taped stand up on Laugh Out Loud TV & Chicago’s local cable network
HD has been featured in Thunder Roads magazine for his talent.
Interviewed for Examiner.com

HD has also been interviewed on podcasts like Thom & Jeff, Party Animal Radio, & Rich Kid Radio

When a guy is 6’ tall, weighs in at 300lbs, and is tattooed from head to toe his physical presence is undeniable! Most folks see our man, Jeremeah “HD” Reeves and determine who he is based solely on physical appearance. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

In 1977 HD was born Jeremeah Alonzo Reeves to a young single mother in St. Louis, Missouri. HD swears he must have been half-grown when he was born, because his mama never did walk right after having him; but she loves him anyway! Sadly, baby daddy didn’t hang around long enough to get to know his precious bundle of joy.

HD’s mama didn’t have it easy, but she wasn’t a quitter. She and HD lived in some rough places, under all kinds of circumstances, but she was eventually able to buy them a little house and on HD’s 13th birthday, they landed right in the middle of “tha hood”! At 14 HD got a job at a local soul food restaurant & it wasn’t long before he was promoted to cook. The owner would tell him to ”Keep your white ass behind them doors! I don’t want these black folk to know some white boy cooking they soul food.” As he had learned early on, he adapted to fit the situation.

Learning to adapt to so many situations and events, HD figured out a way to creatively view the world and speak his mind. This is what has led him to who he is and where he’s at today.

By the time HD graduated high school in 1996, he had seen too much tragedy. HD went to college in Nashville, TN, then worked up to owning his own business. He married the love of his life and they started a family. HD was living the American Dream, until around 2007. When the economy fell apart, his business feel apart as well. However, being a family of faith, they followed God’s word as they endured the struggles together. And through it all, HD remained open to learning new lessons everyday.

HD doesn’t come from an easy life, but he’s one of those guys who perpetually looks for options and opportunities. If there isn’t a road to his destination, he’ll create one, and right now he is driving in the fast lane! His life experiences have formed his creativity and sense of humor—he truly finds the fun in dysfunctional! His outlet for his perspective on all things is through stand-up comedy, comedic writing, creative concepts, and even some acting.

As HD puts it, “I was never fully able to align with one side or the other, so I became like the medium in the highway—just there taking it all in, including the grime and trash that others threw out. I stood strong and firm and what you tossed out, never to be thought of again, I collected and from it I have created great mental castles, full of a never-ending supply of material! So one day, when you’re sitting in my audience, don’t be surprised when your trash flies back and hits you square in the ego!”

When asked what the “HD” stage name stands for, HD claims it has nothing to do with his name, but is because he wanted to create an identity nobody would forget. At 6’ tall, 300lbs, he is a large presence, but it’s his even larger personality that cannot be ignored! We have a feeling once you meet this tower of comedy, you’ll remember his name!

If you’re still curious what HD stands for, it’s rumored you may find out during one of his shows…but you will have to show up to solve the mystery!