The residents of Planet Z have become angered by Earth’s treatment of it’s distant relatives, the lobsters of the sea. Mysterious headaches begin to haunt the humans, and televisions all over the globe are starting to malfunction. When flying saucers are noticed by Earth’s citizens to be hovering around in the skies, the President of the United States (Ray Sofia) must put together a team to investigate the situation. He calls on Donald (Jack Guasta), his best agent, and Barry (Scott McSorley), his right hand man, to eliminate the threat. Donald is asked to travel to Chicago, where he is to meet with Lt. Jacobson (Jay Howell) and confront the aliens, but little does he know that the Ruler of the Lobster Men (Michael Schmid) and his cronie (Chad Foor) have no intentions to negotiate. Unfortunately for the world, the green lobster men from planet Z have already moved into phase four. From the mind of Patrick Love, 4Lizard Productions brings you this tribute to Ed Wood and B-Movie fans everywhere who have been waiting for that next cult film to add to their collections. Also starring Nissa Inhulsen, Will Cummings III, Josh Ryder, Erin Rigney, Nick Rees, Phranque Wright, Steve Hladik, Rahul Thakkar, and Jimi Gambill, ‘Green Lobster Men From Planet Z’ may just make you think about your own destruction the next time you have drawn butter and lobster on your dinner plate.