The Poor Boys – 2012 Official Selection!

Mac (the muscle) and Sully (the brains) have designed their perfect world. They make their rent money stealing parking meters, faking charity buckets and scamming their gullible neighbors for cash. Who needs running water when there’s a perfectly good garden hose just outside! But all good things must come to an end…

The Boys slumlord Mr. Sweeney sells the dirty Hollywood apartment complex to a real estate hotshot, Jason Miller. Miller then doubles their rent overnight leaving Mac and Sully thirty days to pay or get the hell out!

Mac and Sully then resort to whatever they can to survive, even if that means kidnapping a dog named Sexy for ransom. When all their new scams fall short, they have to resort to the one thing they hate… Real jobs!

Real jobs bring real change to their plans. Mac abandons Sully to date his new sexy boss Vanessa, leaving Sully hopelessly alone with Sexy the dog. With only days left to pay the rent, the Boys must reunite to avoid eviction from their crappy apartment complex.