Mind of Its Own – 2012 Official Selection!

The love child of ultraconservative parents, Johnny is by all standards a quiet, unassuming college student who fantasizes more about life than lives it. As he toils over who he really is and what he really believes, an uninvited guest appears in his life… a loud friend who craves adventure… Rocco is his name, and he is a voice in Johnny’s head.

Like the friend who can talk you into anything, Rocco has the spirit of a go‐getter, a true maverick who sees no challenge too big and no venture too great. He is everything Johnny is not. While Johnny avoids any conflict or the possibility of rejection at all costs, Rocco lives for thrills.

Johnny will have to find emotional and spiritual balance in his life to rid himself of the voice, but that entails a deep exploration of self. Aided by his rebellious but brilliant young sister, Lilly, Johnny sets off to win the girl of his dreams and finds himself in the process.